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By Jitta Rao

updated 11 months ago

With Gist, you can organize your inbox effectively by adding and managing multiple agent teams for your Workspace.

Having separate teams for each function helps you assign customer conversations to the right team every time, thereby reducing delays while providing great support at the same time. 

Teams are a great way for people from different groups in your business - support, sales, marketing, product, etc. - to work together in Gist. 

- For instance, when a new lead arrives on your websites and asks a question about your product, you can assign them to the product team.

- If they have questions related to your plans or pricing, you can assign them to the sales team.

- If they have just signed up and are struggling a bit, you can assign their setup-related questions to the customer success team. 

- If someone is from a French speaking country and requires support in French, you can assign them to your French team. 

Adding new teams 

When you create a new Workspace on Gist, you have one team by default, which you can change by adding more teams as needed. 

You can create a new team in the 'Users and Teams' page on the Settings page.

Add an appropriate name to the team based on their function or objective so it would be easier for teammates to identify them and assign conversations easily.

- When you add teammates to a team, they will receive an email notification, and they will begin to receive notifications for conversations that are assigned to their respective teams.

- You can assign conversations to entire teams or to specific individuals within teams. Team names can be found at the end of the list in the drop-down. 

- You can only add someone to a team if they already have a registered account on Gist.

- You can add one teammate on multiple teams.

- A team can have an unlimited number of teammates.

- You can edit or delete the teams as you wish. But the default team can only be edited and cannot be deleted.

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